Why should you use room sketches on your website?

What exactly are room sketches? And more importantly, what are they good for? Here you will learn exactly what room sketches are and why you should also use these graphics for your marketing.

What exactly are room sketches?

Room sketches or floor plans are nothing more than the floor plan of a room or an entire accommodation. The drawn walls illustrate the layout of the respective accommodation. Doors and windows are also marked in the graphic. The drawn-in furniture helps the viewer to understand how the rooms are arranged and where, for example, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are located.

The furniture will also help to get an overview of the size of the respective rooms. In general, room sketches are drawn to scale and reflect the exact structure of a room.

Room sketches in marketing

Room sketches are particularly suitable for marketing hotels, vacation rentals, campers, mobile homes, residences and all other types of accommodation. Thanks to the true-to-scale and detailed representation of the rooms, customers can get a good overview.

Trust in the customer

With floor plans, you can give your customers an even better picture of the accommodations you offer. As a result, the customer knows, without seeing the accommodation itself, how the premises are set up and what to expect. This, of course, will create trust with your customers and make it easier for them to book your accommodation.

Differentiate yourself from the competition with your room sketches

Even though room sketches are enormously helpful for the marketing of hotels, holiday homes, apartments and other accommodations, you will unfortunately search in vain for them on the websites of many providers.

That’s exactly why you should incorporate floor plans into your website. This way, you can convince potential customers to book your accommodations instead of those of your competitors.

Better Ratings

By getting an idea of the facilities on offer before they arrive, your guests will know exactly what to expect when they arrive. Your guests have deliberately chosen your accommodation because the premises appealed to them. Therefore, you will avoid disappointing your customers and therefore negative reviews. Consequently, the better reviews will in turn have a positive impact on your marketing.

Better marketing through room sketches

With room sketches, you can optimize your marketing, build trust with your customers, and stand out from your competition. By the way, your ratings will also be able to improve. Therefore, room sketches should not be missing on any website!


We create your floor plans with modern CAD software or by hand.


We will send you your finished room sketches to scale in JPG and PDF format.

For websites and brochures

You can make the most of our floor plans on your website or print them in your brochures and catalogues.

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