Frequently Asked Questions

To create your floor plans, we need the complete floor plans of your premises. You should make sure to send the files as a PDF or in an image format (JPG, TIF).


For data of up to 10 MB, you are welcome to send us your plans by e-mail. If you have larger data, you can also make it available to us as a download.

We will be happy to send you your finished floor plans in the following formats: PNG, JPG or PDF. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the data as a vector file or CAD file.

Please send us your plans including the furniture. If any furniture is missing or misplaced, please let us know. Alternatively, you can sketch out the correct arrangements and add notes.


Room sketches, floor plans and floor plans are the simplified, two-dimensional drawing of rooms. These graphics will help your customers get a better idea of the space on offer.

Furthermore, these room sketches can also be used for your marketing.

Yes, we would be happy to create site plans or general plans for different areas of your hotel or property for you!

Yes, we would be happy to create room sketches of your existing wellness area, pool area, fitness and spa area for you!

We will create each floor plan to scale according to your floor plans. This makes our room sketches ideal for your marketing. However, they should not be used as blueprints or official documents.

However, since the final files are sent in PNG format and as a PDF file, the scale will be lost when printing the floor plans.

Since the quality of floor plans often varies greatly, we ask you to contact us in this case. Only after we have reviewed your documents can we decide whether we can use them.


However, as long as your old plans are legible and to scale, we should be able to use them without any problems.

Since our agency specializes in the creation of room plans for use in marketing, we unfortunately do not provide interior design services.


To receive an individual offer, please send us your documents. We may ask some questions about your plans and wishes. You will then receive an offer from us. After you have sent it back to us, we will start creating your floor plans.

For smaller sums, we will issue your invoice as soon as we have sent your finished room sketches to you. For large order amounts, we may ask you for a deposit. The payment itself is made by bank transfer.

The prices shown are net prices. They are subject to a 5% welfare contribution and the statutory value added tax.

Our service is suitable for both commercial and private customers. We will be happy to create room plans for all types of accommodation: hotels, guesthouses, farm holidays, camping, vacation rentals, private rooms, Airbnb, etc.

We will also be happy to support real estate companies, marketing companies, web designers, etc.

For computer drawings (type A, B, C, D, E, H1, H2, I, J, K, L), up to 2 proofreadings are possible.


In the case of hand drawings with ink and markers on paper (type F, G1, G2), corrections are unfortunately not possible or they have to be redrawn in case of changes.

In general, we will not provide your floor plans with texts or measurements. As a result, they can also be optimally used on multilingual websites. The drawn-in furniture will help your customers to understand your room sketch even without labels.

However, if you still need labels and measurements on your graphics, we can take over this task for you at an additional cost.

The prices shown are net prices per square meter of real room area. They are subject to a 5% welfare contribution and statutory value added tax.

Yes, we create high-quality, photorealistic 3D renderings for your suites and apartments for your website!

Yes, we create high-quality, photorealistic 3D visualizations of the designs of your new hotel or property!

Yes, we also create 360° photos and virtual tours! You can find more information on our website: www.roomvisio.com

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